Cure Cancer Australia’s single focus is to find a cure for cancer.

Rewarding Innovation

Established in 1967, Cure Cancer Australia has developed a reputation for excellence, integrity and the encouragement of innovation in cancer research.

The mission of the Foundation is to provide early career cancer research funding exclusively to bright, innovative young scientists across all types of cancer, whose new ideas and fresh approaches to research might otherwise be lost in the competitive sphere of cancer research funding.

They may be funded exclusively by Cure Cancer Australia, in collaboration with other organisations, or via the PdCCRS – however they are funded, we are committed to fostering the talent of young researchers in the fight against cancer.

From Promising Beginnings

Cure Cancer Australia has helped nurture the Australian cancer research community – many of today’s leading researchers were funded by us in the early stages of their careers, at a time when they were bursting with ideas and keen for their first funding grant to get them started.

Professor Andrew Biankin

cure cancer Australia funding cancer research for Andrew biankin


Professor Andrew Biankin, who is currently the head of Pancreatic Cancer Research at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, received the Young Researcher of the Year Award from Cure Cancer in 2005.

Professor Biankin has gone on to achieve incredible outcomes for pancreatic cancer, and is now making a substantial contribution to the International Cancer Genome Consortium. Professor Biankin credits the early cancer research funding he received from Cure Cancer Australia to allowing him to really move forward with his research.



 Dr Catherine Suter

cure cancer Australia funding cancer research for Catherine Suter


Dr Catherine Suter, currently Head of Epigenetics at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, received her first Cure Cancer grant in 2005. Dr Suter now leads a team working in epigenetic gene regulation. In Catherine’s words, “You need a grant to get a grant.” The early funding Catherine received from Cure Cancer allowed her to really springboard and go on to achieve wonderful outcomes for cancer patients worldwide.

Without the early support from Cure Cancer Australia, these incredible researchers may not have achieved these amazing accomplishments in improving cancer treatments and bringing us closer to a cure.


Professor Robyn Ward

cure cancer Australia funding cancer research for Robyn ward


Professor Robyn Ward, who is now internationally recognized for her breakthrough work in identifying risk factors of bowel cancer, received her first funding grant from Cure Cancer Australia as a young researcher.

A Sense of Community

cure cancer Australia funding cancer research for young Australian researchers in Sydney 2012


Cure Cancer Australia is also dedicated to cultivating links between all different areas of the scientific research sector. We facilitate regular research events which allow supporters and donors meet the researchers they fund, such as lab tours and breakfasts at research institutes in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Grant recipients also regularly speak to Can Too training groups who are fundraising for Cure Cancer, and our awareness program engages with research institutes and young researchers to ensure that the best and brightest have the opportunity to apply for cancer research funding.

You Can Help in the Fight Against Cancer

Your support plays a vital role in the ongoing fight against cancer. Join us, and support our vision of a world without cancer – nothing less.